Broken Bridge

Top Ten Outages 2015 – Is there a Trend?

According to CRN Technology News outages are not that prevalent and pervasive as they were in recent years. But on the other side this does not mean, that todays outages have become more harmless. In fact, the opposite seems to be the case. DevOpps.com estimates the yearly costs of downtime to one Million Dollar (minimum!). Here comes our compilation of the Top Ten Outages in 2015.
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Five Big Links around BC, #8

This time with a recent example of a heavy outage at the BBC and its effects on their audience. It is also a question of having the right people in place at the right time - the topic of another article this week.
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Top Ten Outages 2013: Is there a pattern?

Fire, storms, failed software updates. There are many causes for outages. All of them have in common that they produce pain for customers and companies in a highly interconnected world.
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